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Customer Service

Service purposes

Zhejiang Kaicheng Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd. Customer Service Policy
Zhejiang Kaicheng Textile Machinery Co.,Ltd.  has set up a perfect customer service center with the tenet of "Excellent User" and established a perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service system.

Service Content

1. Pre-sale service
Senior technical personnel with rich experience in equipment design, use and maintenance provide technical advice to customers, and carry out technical exchanges, providing customers with equipment planning and design, etc., so that customers can make correct product positioning.
2、Sale service
Free training for customers on equipment use and maintenance to ensure that customers can operate and use the equipment correctly and give full play to the best performance of the equipment.
Provide customers with equipment installation and debugging free of charge.

3、After-sales service
A dedicated after-sales service working group is set up, with dedicated personnel responsible for the after-sales service of products.Establish customer files, and formulate monthly plans for daily maintenance and customer training by querying customer files.Dedicated people provide technical support to customers, and provide technical advice such as troubleshooting.Provide customers with process design and new product development services free of charge.During the one-year warranty period, free replacement and maintenance services will be provided due to quality problems caused by design, process and manufacturing (except for wearing parts).Our company implements paid services for losses caused by improper use or irregular operation of users.

4. Regular and irregular visits to customers

For domestic customers, the technical service center visits twice a year to understand the use of Kaicheng equipment among customers and provide technical guidance to customers.
Foreign customers communicate with customers through agents or the Internet at any time, and visit foreign customers from time to time.


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